GlïtçhSküll is an ancient Extramultiversal Entity that was once locked in The Void, and can be fought in a hidden boss fight by using the Extramultiversal Artifact. GlïtçhSküll is a massive enemy, and is thus best fought with WMDs, heavy anti-supernatural weaponry, large spaceships, or supernatural assistance. GlïtçhSküll first attacks by trying to swallow the player, and most of his attacks consist of trying to swallow the player, shoot them with his eye beams, or throw the moon and other planets at them. GlïtçhSküll can only be beaten by being thrown into The Void. He drops some samples of pure corrupted energy, loads of XP, and a lootbox full of modifiers that enable weapons to harm extradimensional entities.


GlïtçhSküll was an Extramultiversal Entity who entered the Multiverse during The Viewer's surge. However, he was locked up in The Void. But as time went on, GlïtçhSküll was able to escape The Void with some outside help, and went around the depths of the Corrupted Multiverse, consuming corrupted worlds before The Void could.

Fighting the playerEdit

GlïtçhSküll can be fought if the player has an Extramultiversal Artifact, as it can transport them to the Corrupted Multiverse for the boss fight. GlïtçhSküll would be in the middle of eating a corrupted version of Earth, and will stop to fight the player. Eventually, GlïtçhSküll is thrown back into The Void by the player, where he is locked up again.


GlïtçhSküll is a massive entity, almost twice the size of Earth. He appears to be a human skull, but all parts of his body, except for his teeth, are glitched out. He is mostly hollow, but is also filled with Extramultiversal matter.


"This planet displeases me."

-GlïtçhSküll about to eat a corrupted Earth.


  • The player can actually avoid the fight with GlïtçhSküll by giving him planet-sized calcium.

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