God refers to two in-game figures and one real life figure. In the game, God is a figure in the lore. He is the all powerful being that created the universe and the original Space Stones. During the main game, however, there is an AI that manages encounters, quests, and the AI of other NPCs, and this AI is listed as God in the game's files. The figure of God is based off of the real life religious figure in the Abrahamic faiths.

Description Edit

God is represented by an elderly human male in a robe, and often with a beard. However, no one has seen the true face of God and lived, so his real appearance is unknown. In the game, God is only able to be interacted with if the player is in the Holy Faction, and will appear in the form of a bright light. God will spawn once as an NPC, usually taking the form of a homeless man. It is impossible to harm or kill God with any form of weaponry or attack. In certain playthroughs, depending on the player's class, affiliation, and other factors, God will spawn as another type of NPC, such as a Military commander, Government official, or simple civilian, but always as a human male, usually elderly or middle aged.

AI Edit

An AI exists in the game that manages all quests, encounters, and NPC AI. The master AI is known as God in the code. It cannot be removed without crashing the game, but can be altered only by the devs.

Trivia Edit

  • God only speaks to the player, nothing else.
  • He can take on any form to show himself on the Physical Plains of Existence, but has only done so on very few occasions, and only once in the modern age.
  • Surprisingly enough, many species from other planets and dimensions also believe in the one true God. However, they interpret/call God differently. For example, the Bulk Beings referred to God as The Paramount.
  • God Himself is the only supernatural entity in the game that can create true life from pure nothingness, such as the Unknown, and the only entity that can create paradoxical forms of life, such as The Void. Other entities that claim to create life have done so through artificial constructs or from using "templates" set forth by God, such as through plants or other existing species, although this will most often violate Cosmic Law.
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