Golems are magical constructs made from inanimate objects.


Golems are magical beings that were once inanimate objects made into living figures. However, they are not really considered alive. Golems can vary greatly in appearance, based on the material that they were made of. A golem can be made out of wood, stone, metal, and other materials. Based on the spell that their creators cast to bring them to life, golems could have no emotions, full sentience, partial sentience, or an illusion of a personality. They can have incredible strength and durability, or be nimble and light. Their bodies could have varying numbers of fingers, toes, and limbs. Golems can resemble humanoids or other animals. Most golems also have increased resistances to magical damage. Undoing the spells that brought them to life will make them turn back into an inanimate statue.


Golems were created by wizards and other mages of the ancient times. Some, however, have no clear origins. Despite this, golems have been in service to magical groups for a very long time. Some are now free or on their own, fending for themselves or still doing whatever task they were built to do.


Golems don't really have a society, as they are built for different purposes. They could be built to be soldiers, servants, workers, or many other things.

Known GolemsEdit


40% Magical Resistances on average

Other stats variable

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