Government Agents are NPCs that carry out Government orders and are present in Governmen facilities. Many times, they are sent to scout out locations that may have some hostile supernatural presence in them. Government Agents wear laserproof suits, high tech scanners disguised as sunglasses that allow them to spot hidden weapons and enemies, and have Military Supernatural Defense Corp exosuits that can unfold over their bodies from their earpieces. They always carry Anti-Celestial Pistols, and a multitude of other tools. Government Agents will also protect high-ranking Military and Government personnel. If the player is a high-ranking Military or Government member, Government Agents will be assigned to protect and assist them, and can be summoned in times of need. Government Agents will not attack the player unless provoked in some way, or if the player has a high enough HEAT stat. Attacking a Government Agent builds a very high HEAT stat instantly.


The concept of Government Agents comes from the Secret Service Agents of the old US Faction from the pre-Trans Galactic War era. When the Government formed, they repurposed their old agents into new, more advanced positions, utilizing new technology. After the Trans-Galactic War, Government Agents utilized recently developed Anti-Celestial technology and went under SDC and ASDC, many times leading the Containment Division, which served under both branches. Government agents were also assigned protect Mr. President and other important officials, as well as guard important Government facilities.


Government agents are usually Human males, but Alien and female variants exist. Government Agents wear usually black suits, with black sunglasses and visible earpieces. They sometimes have armbands with the Government insignia on it. Alien and non-humanoid Government agents (although the non-humanoid variant is extremely rare) sometimes have armor or other forms of coverings other than suits, but have the Government insignia on them somewhere. Aliens and other species that need pressure suits or other forms of environmental suits do not wear sunglasses.


Health 1000 (unarmored)
Fire Resistance 90% (unarmored)
Physical Resistance 75% (unarmored)
Magic Resistance 30% (unarmored)
Energy Resistance 85% (unarmored)
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