The Grid forest is located in a less cold area of the Canadian Region, on the borders of the Government-controlled Alaskan area and Blue Star territory.


The Grid Forest appears to be an ordinary forest, organized in a grid-like fashion, with trees in unnaturally straight lines. However, the forest is quite bright and colorful, with only a few enemies in its deeper areas. The forest itself was "designed" by the Abstract Concept of Industry, and "built" by the Abstract Concept of Nature. It is inhabited by many species, and is protected from cyberforming by the Government. It is known that the forest itself was moved into a pocket dimension off of Earth during the Titan Regime incursions, which saved the forest. The Grid Forest is usually controlled by Nature's demi-concepts, but at some point, they had to leave the forest for an unknown reason. So they left an Extramultiversal Artifact behind to manage the forest in their stead. The artifact worked, until it began to fluctuate. The Bulk Being scientist Lum arrived and worked on the artifact as well, using some newer methods to stabilize it, causing it to lash out and corrupt the forest, turning the Grid Forest dark and filling it with hostile creatures. If the player manages to help Lum fix the problem, the forest will return to normal.


Golems: Corrupted Golems formed to protect the artifact.

Corrupted Elementals: Corrupted Elemental creatures formed to protect the artifact.

Corrupted Trees: Large trees that stab down at the player with their branches.

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