The Handshake Man is an Extramultiversal Entity who would appear to the player at a random time in the game, asking them to shake his hand. If the player shakes his hand, they unlock an achievement. If they don't, he will leave them alone. If they attack him, his tentacle head will point straight up, and he will attack the player by crushing their head like an empty soda can. He does the same if the player does some other interaction on him. The Handshake Man can be killed, although he drops no items.

Origins Edit

Almost nothing is known about the Handshake Man. However, it is known that he is not in the Multiverse to attack, and is rather eccentric and is even considered insane by some other Extramultiversals, due to his strange obsession with shaking people's hands and being professional.

Description Edit

The Handshake Man is a humanoid in a black suit with a white undershirt, blue and yellow patterned tie, and a fair skin tone. However, instead of a head, he has a reddish tentacle coming out of his neck, with many eyes in the place of suction cups. When not attacking, the tentacle is bent over and curled up.

Quotes Edit

"Thank you."

-After the player shakes his hand.

"Are you a jokester?"

-What the Handshake Man says to the player if they do another interaction on him, shortly before he crushes their head like an empty soda can.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Handshake Man approaches, the player will hear whispers to shake his hand, and will also see a wall of text saying the same thing behind the Handshake Man.
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