Heavy dog and the little girl are 2 lategame bosses, fought after befriending Zag'ka. They are an old, outdated Military robot, with a new CPU, being telepathically controlled by a little girl.

Origins Edit

A girl found a giant Military robot in a Government scrapyard, known as Heavy Dog, who was built by the SpaceForce Corporation sometime during the beginning of the Trans-Galactic War. She was holding a new telepathic controller card, somehow got into the scrapyard, and put it into the CPU component of the robot, reactivating it and allowing her to control it.

Description Edit

Heavy Dog is a large, bulky robot with a machine gun and faded Military and SpaceForce insignias, and the girl wears a dress and has telepathic control over Heavy Dog,

Trivia Edit

  • Story-wise, after being defeated, the girl is taken into Military custody, and Heavy Dog is dismantled.
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