Beginning of Time[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of time, God Himself created the Multiverse. Across the Multiverse, many legendary Space Stones were sent throughout the virgin universes. The most powerful of them were the Controller Stones, which were all hidden together in the game's main universe. When the Multiverse was created, it had 10 Dimensions, all currently empty. But God said that the Multiverse will only have 5 Dimensions, and thus condensed Dimensions 6-10 into the Edge Wall. In the 5th Dimension, the first Bulk Being arose, known as The Mode. The Mode created a government system in the 5th Dimension, and as the first races in the 3rd Dimension arose, he created the first drafts of Cosmic Law.

Standard Earth Timeline[edit | edit source]

The Creation of Earth[edit | edit source]

The Earth was created, but it was just an uninhabitable wasteland. About 90,000 years after Earth was created, it stated to become slightly more inhabitable.

Old Ages[edit | edit source]

In the later years of Earth, entire civilizations had been formed. The globe had been explored and inhabited. Wars had broken out, countries and empires captured weaker ones. All the world's old empires fell, and the world was now in the right position for the next stage of development. During this time period, the Holy Faction was established. Also in this time period, the first zombies were documented around Europe.

1600-1700[edit | edit source]

This was the start of an era called "The Colonial Era," when more parts of the world were colonized by Europe. Near the end of this era, the United States was founded following a successful revolution against Great Britain.

1800-1900[edit | edit source]

World powers grew and expanded as the remaining colonies gradually gained independence, inspired by the American Revolution.

World Wars[edit | edit source]

Two major world wars broke out in Europe, which later established the United States as a world superpower. After WW2, the German faction was left in ruins and split between the United Nations superfaction and the Soviet faction.

Post World Wars[edit | edit source]

After the world wars, countries continued to develop. The German faction was reformed in the 1990s. During this time, the Cold War went on between the United States and the Soviet Union, who were the world's two superpowers at the time. This era saw the beginning of spaceflight, with a space race that began with the Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite and ended with the US Moon Landing.

Modern era[edit | edit source]

The Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s at the conclusion of the Cold War, and Vlad Poot took power of its successor faction, the Russian Faction. This left the United States as the only superpower in the world. The US formed a Space Force, and established bases on other planets and celestial bodies over the course of a few decades, along with space stations in various parts of the solar system. US extraterrestrial bases, although they kept a strong military presence, served as capitals for UN city-like embassies and colonies that were built around them, granting most countries some degree of interstellar influence, or at least the ability to send their people to the stars as colonists. Many forms of advanced technologies were created by Earth and used throughout the planet and its colonies, such as energy weapons, sub-light engines, cybernetics, hovertech, advanced robotics, and ways to combat the supernatural, although a lot of these technologies are often limited in their availability and distribution. Most of Earth remained a world filled with Adventurers that make up wandering bands of heroes, hunting down monsters across the lands or seeking fame and fortune. While some regions have considerable advancements and access to interstellar travel, other regions are closer to the real life 21st century, or even appear primitive and still run feudal societies, often with non-human species.

Point of divergence: Trans-Galactic War[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Hundreds of billions of years before Earth was even formed, a race of beings known as Titanians came into existence. They were among the first beings in the 3rd Dimension. They created the vast Titanian Empire, which stretched across all the known cosmos, transcending the boundaries between universes. They used Space Stones through Gauntlets and other armaments, which greatly expanded their technologies and wisdom. They ruled over a peaceful and harmonious multiverse. However, there was a split. The Titanian Empire was split between the Titanians who wanted to rule with an iron fist and those who wanted to bring wisdom. Four million years before Earth, the Titanian Empire broke into civil war and collapsed. The Titanians scattered across the infinite gulf which is space, with the Wise Titanians trying to protect the multiverse, while their enemies, the Traitorous Titanians, sought for a way to conquer it. During the start of the Great Titanian Civil War, the use of cosmic superweapons caused a sort of inter-universal reset and mass time dilation-like phenomena to rip through multiple early universes, thus causing the age of multiple universes to appear far younger in an event known as the Great Warp. This event happened before the formation of the Time Police, and could not be undone. The new Titanian factions survived this event, which caused loss and distortion of several older technologies and scientific achievements while the surviving members of both factions rebuilt their influence and expansions. More races of aliens began to arise, and more empires were created. Without the Titanian's guidance, the inhabitants of the universes began to fall into warfare. Planets and systems began choosing sides, and many races were completely exterminated in the following conflicts. 1.5 million years before Earth, the Intergalactic Empire was formed. Some time later, other alien states formed. This was the first time an alien empire touched the Milky Way, which conquered 1/4 of the Milky Way before collapsing into smaller fragments, which began battling for control. It lasted for 600 thousand years and over 5 million rulers. 89.4 trillion aliens died. About 200 years after the creation of Earth, the Great Supercluster War was waged between the Virgo Supercluster and the Hydra Supercluster. Virgo won, causing Hydra to be pushed away. However, 200 years afterwards, the Intergalactic Empire destroyed the Virgo Supercluster using immensely powerful superweapons. The Hyrda Supercluster was subsequently decimated, and Imperial forces chased their inhabitants out of known space.

The New Eras and the Unification[edit | edit source]

In what was later referred to as the New Eras the United States made important discoveries. Mr. President was elected, and created the US Space Force. Almost immediately, proof of alien life was found. Then the wreckage of a Contorian ship was found on Pluto. Mr. President renamed the Space Force into the Alien Defense Unit. At this time, zombie infestations had ravaged poor countries in Africa, South America, and on isolated islands. Mr. President founded the Zombie Defense Corp to eradicate them, successfully preventing a possible worldwide apocalypse. Soon, the US began finding evidence of the Trans Galactic War being waged by the Intergalactic Empire on free people of the universe. Upon sharing this news to the world, the United Nations came to a decision. The world was unified under the flag of the newly founded Trans-Systems Government, which would be later named the Trans-Galactic Government.

Trans-Galactic War[edit | edit source]

A few aliens arrived shortly after the Unification. They sought to help Earth, as the Intergalactic Empire was nearing the Milky Way after being pushed out by the Contorian Alliance, which had been destroyed. The aliens brought technology, which was integrated into Earth technology. The population of the Milky Way wanted a leader, someone to lead the war against the Empire. Mr. President took up that call. He sent troops to attack invading Imperials, throwing off their hold on the edge of the Milky Way. Through more battles, the Government gradually gained control of the entire Milky Way. With these new assets and more allies outside of the galaxy, Mr. President waged a full out war on the Intergalactic Empire. Awe struck by the leadership and bravery exhibited by the Milky Way, dozens of other galaxies began joining the Milky Way against the Intergalactic Empire.

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