Holy Power Armor is an advanced suit of armor given to elite Holy Knights from the Holy Faction. It provides resistances from demonic and physical attacks.

Description[edit | edit source]

Holy Power Armor resembles that of the old Holy Knights, and has a similar faceplate. However, it has more futuristic elements, and is built from metals, such as Keplerium, that have been blessed by the Holy Priests. It does not cover the user's entire body, and leaves some parts covered by a light metal mesh. It has a metallic silver color. Two tubes connect its breastplate to a battery pack on the back.

Stats[edit | edit source]

+Resistances to Demonic attacks

+Resistances to physical attacks

+Resistances to laser and plasma attacks

+Increase in strength

+Player can survive in toxic environments for a short period of time

-Player cannot survive in space

-Slight movement speed decrease

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