The Human race is one of the most common race in the game.

Description Edit

Humans are bipedal, and their bodies have a bilateral symmetry. They have a neck, a torso, a head, and four limbs. Their two upper limbs are arms, and end in five digit hands with opposable thumbs. Their two lower limbs are legs, which end in feet that also have five digits. Their head is perched above their torso. Their hair is mostly concentrated on top of their head, although human males could have facial hair. Humans have two biological sexes: male and female. They are omnivorous and warm blooded. The term “humanoid” is used to describe any species that bears physical similarities to humans, such as opposable thumbs, similar limb arrangement, sexual organs, and other similar features.

History Edit

The human race arose on Earth. During their early years of development, they came into contact with many alien races, and thought that the aliens were gods. After the aliens left the Solar System to deal with the increasing threat of the Intergalactic Empire, the human race continued to grow on its own. After many wars among divided nations, the human race was united under the Government during the Trans-Galactic War. A few Earth based populations remained independent. A few other human colonies in space were also independent. The human race remains highly advanced.

Society Edit

Human society varies, but at the game's main timeframe, it can be generalized into industrialized and looking to forge ever onward. Many humans can be xenophobic towards aliens and other races, while others are willing to accept them into society.

Known Humans Edit

Stats Edit

All humans regenerate stamina faster and have a high INTeligence stat. However, humans are still classified as 1st level intellects. These stats are still a WIP.

Pedestrian 100 200 100/100 50 150 100 120 1 Human, lawful neutral Can call the City Guards
Child 50 100 50/50 25 100 10 100 1 Human, chaotic neutral If a child's HP reaches 0, they will cry instead of dying
City Guard 250 500 250/100 200 150 150 130 1 Human city guard, lawful good Can arrest characters
Protagonist: Warrior Class (starting stats) 1000 100 30/30 30 10 20 100 1 Human warrior, [Insert KARMA] Regenerates health faster
Protagonist: Ranger Class (starting stats) 900 100 20/10 10 30 30 110 1 Human ranger, [Inser KARMA] Levels up accuracy faster
Protagonist: Mage Class (starting stats) 800 100 (Only human who uses Mana/Magic Points instead of Mind/Mental Points) 10/10 10 30 10 120 20 Human mage, [Insert KARMA] Gets more XP
Protagonist: Thief Class (starting stats) 900 100 10/10 10 20 30 110 1 Human thief, [Insert KARMA] 20% higher chance to successfully steal something

Trivia Edit

  • Many alien races highly resemble humans. The cause of this is unknown, but is presumably the result of parallel evolution.
  • Specific types of NPCs, such as soldiers and city guards, will have their own variation of human stats.
  • Almost all other NPCs of other races use human stats as a base for their own stats.
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