Imperial Devastators are giant, heavily armored alien robots. They were created by the Intergalactic Empire during their war against the Contraxian Alliance. Many were used during the Trans Galactic War. They are extremely dangerous enemies, and players are advised to fight them using starfighters and heavy artillery. They have the same resistances as most large Imperial assets. After the Trans Galactic War, most of the Devastators were recalled to Imperial space. However, a few were left in the Milky Way. One was destroyed on Earth, and a few more were also destroyed. A few were reprogrammed and used by Blue Star and the Military.


Devastators are giant robots with many white armor plates. They have three legs, and a large, bulky torso with two arms. Their faceplates open up to reveal three red eyes. They have an oversized plasma cannon on their right arms, and many more weapons that can come out of their bodies. Their face can also open up into a sort of "mouth" that is filled with buzz saws.


  • Battlefields
  • Earth (briefly)
  • Other parts of the Milky Way
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