Imperial Eviscerators are large, heavily armored alien robots with many futuristic armaments. They are powerful enemies, and players are advised to fight them in groups or with A.D.U. grade demolition weaponry. They appear on many battlefields, and are a very dangerous threat. After the Trans Galactic War, most were recalled to Imperial Space. However, any that remained were reprogrammed and later used by the Military and Blue Star. After the Trans Galactic War, one Eviscerator resurfaces and goes on a rampage in Furcon, killing many furries. The player can either fight it themselves or call A.D.U. to take it down, as A.D.U. has taken down many before.

Description Edit

Eviscerators are five story tall Imperialite robots. They bear a humanoid shape, but have a bulky chest and no neck. Their head is painted white, in contrast to their grey bodies. Their head also resembles a human skull, but is modeled after the skull of another alien in the Intergalactic Empire. They have two main arms, each with a high powered plasma cannon on them. However, they also have two smaller arms in the sides of their chests, each which are armed with flamethrowers and more plasma cannons. They have hidden shoulder mounted rocket launchers.

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Trivia Edit

  • If the player destroys the Resurfaced Eviscerator, they will gain the achievement "Animal Rescuer".
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