Imperial Infantrymen are common enemies from the Galactic Salvation storyline, often accompanied by Elite Cyberformed Terrans, Intergalactic Empire Battle Drones, or Intergalactic Empire Sentinels. They are heavily resistant to physical attacks and energy attacks, and are completely immune to flame-based attacks, due to their exosuits. They carry Imperial laser guns, and can use grenades and energy knives as well. Imperial Elites have more resistances and deal more damage, as they carry heavier weaponry. However, Imperial Elites are fewer in number and have a slightly slower movement speed.


After The Intergalactic Emperor created the Intergalactic Empire, he turned many alien species into cyborgs to serve as his soldiers. The Imperial Infantrymen were the basic soldiers, attacking planetside regions and boarding enemy starships. Once an alien became an Imperial soldier, they would serve until they die, as the cybernetics drastically reduced their aging process. They would become rather emotionless, and sometimes didn't take off their armor for extended periods of time. Aliens that are given heavier cybernetics become Imperial Elites.

Trans-Galactic WarEdit

During the Trans-Galactic War against the Government, Imperial Infantrymen were deployed to attack the Milky Way. Many were also used to defend The Star Palace. After the Trans-Galactic War, most Imperial Infantrymen were called out of Government space, but some were still present in small strongholds, and are very rarely encountered as enemes again. However, some remains of Imperial Infantrymen can be found on distant planets.


Imperial Infantrymen are mostly humanoid aliens in futuristic exosuits. They usually have near-identical features to Humans in terms of body shape, limbs, and other features, but usually have different skin colors, eye colors, or skin textures. Standard armor is black, while elite armor is white. The elite exosuits are notably bulkier than the standard ones. The exosuits change for species with extra limbs, different body shapes, and non-humanoids. Imperial Elites also have more cybernetics on their bodies.



Health 1,200
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 80%
Magic Resistance 10%
Energy Resistance 45%


Health 2,000
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 95%
Magic Resistance 35%
Energy Resistance 75%


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