Imperial Maintenance Drones are small alien robots meant to repair and manage Imperial structures. They are found repairing bases and damaged vehicles, and will attack the player if the player approaches them. They attack with lasers and their legs, which can deploy buzz saws and other power tools to slash at the player. Despite their low threat level, they should be taken out quickly, as they can repair damaged Imperial units and send them after the player. After the Trans Galactic War, most were recalled to Imperial space. However, the ones that remained were re-purposed by the Military for city maintenance. They have moderate resistances to physical and plasma attacks, but are most vulnerable to plasma attacks. They have low health compared to other Imperial assets, and can be easily destroyed.

Description Edit

Imperial Maintenance Drones are 3 foot tall, four legged alien robots. Their legs have alien tools at the ends. They have an oblong body, which is colored yellow, in contrast to the usual grey-scale colors of the Intergalactic Empire, and has many scanners on it. On top of their body, they have a camera-like eyepiece, which they can use to fire laser beams at the player. Unlike most Imperial assets, they are not made out of Imperialite, but rather, appear to be made out of a material similar to Iron.

Stats Edit

Health 100
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 60%
Magic Resistance 5%
Energy Resistance 0%
Damage 12 (legs)

25 (laser)

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