Imperialite is an alien metal that originated in Imperial space. However, small veins of it were found under the surface of planets at the edge of the Milky Way. Imperialite is a dull grey metal, which is extremely durable, more durable than any metal found on Earth and more durable than most metals in the Milky Way. The Intergalactic Empire used electricity repellant, non magnetic alloys of Imperialite to create their tech. Later, it was also used by the Government as their primary metal, replacing Keplerium. Imperialite is more vulnerable to laser and plasma based weaponry. It has extreme resistances to physical attacks. Imperialite can be used by players to rebuild Imperial tech and upgrade armor. It can be found in mines, or taken off of Imperial structures. Imperialite is immune to electric attacks, phasing, and most magical attacks.

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