Industry is the embodiment of the concept of industry and technology. He appears in the encounter with Nature, asking if she was messing with the player. He then hugs her and talks about the player about how much he's done for Earth. If the player has enough charisma, they can get him to tell them where a rare sword that is only present for a brief time after land is cyberformed is located. Attacking Industry won't do much, and he will vaporize the player with his weaponry.

Origins Edit

Industry came into existence when the first Titanians began developing primitive technology. Industry did not take physical form until computers and other electronic tech were created. Because of his role, which involves the artificial advancements of the cosmos, he has always been at odds with Nature, and yet, ended up loving her like a sibling, as he also acknowledged that he needed her. Industry has nevertheless always been rather arrogant. More than just representing industry, he also represents the advancement of species.

Description Edit

Industry resembles a human, wearing a business suit, but some parts of him appear metallic. His right eye is a cybernetic that appears to be made out of miniature cities and factories, and his left eyeball appears to be metal. His right lower arm resembles a cybernetic arm, and turns into guns, chainsaws, or other weapons when he wants it to.

Quotes Edit

"You're not messing with the mortal, are you?"

-Industry appears and questions Nature.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

-Industry talking about the Cyberformers.

Trivia Edit

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