Intellectuals are a non-playable race of Extramultiversal Entities which are very rare to come across in the game. They mainly serve as a means to get advice for completing quests, unlocking abilities, and finding items. They can also sell the players certain items that would be very difficult to come by. Intellectuals are not hostile, and are one of the few Extramultiversal Entities that are passive. When attacked, they will mostly teleport away, but will defend themselves as well.

Description Edit

Intellectuals are humanoid Extramultiversals, resembling Humans to some extent. Their signature features are their third arm and long neck. Intellectuals have a third arm on the right side of their body, below a normally-placed arm. Their eyes glow red, and their mouths are covered by a glitch-like material. Their minds are completely incomprehensible to any being within the Multiverse, and are thus immune to mind-based attacks. Intellectuals are incredibly strong and durable, and possess a range of supernatural abilities. Their main ability is their vast knowledge of all the Multiverse, although only The Knower has complete knowledge of the Multiverse all in his own mind. Intellectuals physically grow and develop surprisingly similarly to humans, but at a much faster rate. However, their most obvious sign of age is their neck, which grows longer with their age. Intellectuals are immortal, which means that their necks would grow forever. If their necks are long enough, they can use it as a weapon, wrapping around opponents and then crushing them.

History Edit

Intellectuals were one of the first Extramultiversal races, along with the Seers. The first Intellectual was The Knower. The Intellectuals served as advisers to the Seers, but objected when The Viewer proposed to invade the Multiverse. This caused The Viewer to send his Cloakwraith soldiers to execute any of them who objected, causing many Intellectuals to get out through the small openings to the Multiverse and hide out among the dimensions. After The Viewer hid in the 3rd Dimension, Intellectuals could return to the Unknown, although a majority of them chose to stay within the Multiverse. Many of them integrated themselves into the societies of the Celestial Entites and Bulk Beings.

Society Edit

Like all other Extramultiversal Entities, not much is known about Intellectual society, but it is known that they served as advisers to the Seers, and that they wished to spread greater knowledge to the residents of the Multiverse rather than attack them. Intellectuals tend to stay away from fighting, and only do it themselves if they must. They are known to value knowledge.

Stats Edit

Average Health 100,000,000
Average Fire Resistance 100%
Average Physical Resistance 100%
Average Magic Resistance 90%
Average Energy Resistance 100%
Intellect Above 12th level intellect
Others Advanced Extramultiversal Abilities

Cosmic Awareness

Known Intellectuals Edit

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