Intergalactic Empire Battle Drones are advanced, spider like alien robots. They were used by the Intergalactic Empire as frontline assets. Following the fall of the Intergalactic Empire, most Battle Drones were recalled to the fragmented Imperial galaxies and used in their civil war. Some were left in the Milky Way, and were re-purposed by the Military as base security. Later, Blue Star also used them as soldiers.

Description Edit

Imperial Battle Drones are highly advanced robots resembling a 4 legged spider. They are armed with a frontal, 8 barrel laser cannon. They move at high speeds and can climb vertical or upside down surfaces. They are resistant to all attacks, but are most vulnerable to laser and plasma attacks. They can also jump on players and crush their skulls by clamping down on them. Imperial Battle Drones are also sometimes seen as base security for the Imperial military stations.

Locations Edit

  • Battlefields
  • Planets under Imperial control
  • Earth

Trivia Edit

  • They have no visible eyes, and yet have excellent vision.
  • When shut down, they curl up into a ball.
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