Intergalactic Empire Dreadnought Destroyers, or simply Imperial Dreadnoughts, are large, advanced war machines meant for assaulting planetside regions. They are very dangerous, as they have very durable armor and heavy weapons. They were created during the Empire's invasion of the Hydra Supercluster as a weapon to destroy Hydra's Dread Walkers, which is where they got their name from. During the Intergalactic Empire's invasion of the Milky Way, thousands of Dreadnoughts were used against the Military. However, the Military would destroy them with artillery fire, bombs, and orbital cannons. After the Empire's collapse, most of the Dreadnoughts in the Milky Way were recalled to the Imperial fragments. However, a few were left in the Milky Way. They were captured by the Military and re purposed for their uses. Later, Blue Star also reprogrammed and utilized Dreadnoughts.

Description[edit | edit source]

Intergalactic Empire Dreadnoughts are large war machines with a two armed torso and spider like legs. They have two red eyes on their head, which juts out in front of their torso. They are very durable, and are armed with heavy laser weaponry. It is also able to strike at threats using its large arms. They are more vulnerable to heavy plasma attacks than anything else, as many have been destroyed by tanks, artillery, and bombardments. The player is also able to climb up the Dreadnought and destroy it from the inside. Dreadnoughts are known to be slow, and easy targets. However, their large amounts of firepower allow them to kill most players in a single shot. If their legs are destroyed, their torso will detach and use hover tech to fly in the air. If their arms are shot off, two backup guns will come out of their back, but will leave the Dreadnought vulnerable and weak. Like all other Imperial robots, Dreadnoughts will self destruct if incapacitated but still functional.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Battlefields
  • Planets under Imperial control
  • Earth

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They are inferior to Goliaths, and can be taken down by them.
  • They have no anti-air capabilities, as they were meant for ground assaults.
  • After finishing the Galactic Salvation storyline, an Imperial Dreadnought will spawn one last time, as the subject of an elimination quest.
  • They are unable to traverse unstable ground or very steep surfaces.
  • Despite what their name might seem to imply, they are incapable of destroying Military Star Dreadnoughts.
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