Intergalactic Empire Goliaths, or Imperial Goliaths, were colossal war machines that were built for full scale planetary assaults. They are known to be one of the strongest ground assault robots in the Imperial arsenal. They are extremely dangerous, as they have extremely durable armor and large numbers of heavy weapons. They were created during the Empire's invasion of the Milky Way. During the Intergalactic Empire's invasion of the Milky Way, thousands of Goliaths were used against the Military. However, the Military would destroy them with large amounts of artillery fire, bombs, and orbital cannons, which would gradually wear down their armor enough to destroy them. After the Empire's collapse, most of the Goliaths in the Milky Way were recalled to the Imperial fragments. However, a few were left in the Milky Way. They were captured by the Military and re purposed for their uses. Later, Blue Star also reprogrammed and utilized Goliaths.

Description Edit

Intergalactic Empire Goliaths are large war machines, resembling some type of bulky, scorpion like construct. They have three massive arms with amplified antimatter cannons and claws at the ends. They are extremely durable, and are also armed with laser cannons, missile launchers, drills, buzz saws, oversized flamethrowers, troop deployment capsules, anti aircraft guns, and their claws. It is able to strike at threats using its large arms. They are more vulnerable to heavy plasma attacks than anything else, as many have been destroyed by heavy firepower from tanks, artillery, and bombardments. However, they are durable enough to survive direct hits from nuclear missiles, requiring A.D.U. grade bombs and firepower to take it out. The player is also able to climb up the Goliath and destroy it from the inside. However, Goliaths also have defense measurements meant to remove any intruders from its insides and from its surface. Goliaths are known to be slow, and easy targets. However, their large amounts of firepower allow them to kill most players in a single shot. Like all other Imperial robots, Goliaths will self destruct if incapacitated but still functional.

Locations Edit

  • Battlefields
  • Earth
  • Any planet under Imperial control

Trivia Edit

  • They have no visible eyes or a separate head.
  • They are able to jump into the air and crush other giant robots or buildings.
  • The armor casings of a Goliath was used to create the armor for an Imperial fragment base.
  • The Military refers to Goliaths as IEGs. The name was also used by other factions.
  • Like Dreadnoughts, they are unable to traverse very steep surfaces or unstable ground.
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