Vaporizer Tanks were used by the Intergalactic Empire to capture planets and galaxies during the Trans Galactic War. Following the end of the Trans Galactic War, most of the Vaporizers in the Milky Way were recalled to the Imperial fragments for the civil wars for the Imperial throne. A few were left in the Milky Way, and were re purposed by the Military.

Description Edit

Vaporizer Tanks are large, powerful Imperial war machines. They resemble standard Terran tanks, but are definitely of alien origin. They are covered in reinforced Imperialite armor, and have crew compartments, despite being able to operate on their own. They have 12 wheels in place of tracks, and additional hover-tech in case of wheel failure. Their blasts deal enough damage to render a large amount of armor irrelevant. They are armed with 1 main laser cannon and 2 side guns. The main gun can either be a heavy plasma blast or an antimatter blast. Their sideguns can either fire plasma blasts or dark matter. Vaporizers are highly resistant to all types of attacks, but are most vulnerable to plasma weaponry. During the Trans Galactic War, many were destroyed by A.D.U. Protector Tanks or Blue Star Obliterator Droids.

Strategy Edit

Don't let the main gun lock on to you. Dodge the sideguns and don't let the tank run you over. Do not try to climb on the tank, as it has hidden sawblades and laser fields to deter intruders. Use A.D.U. grade missiles and explosives on it. Target its right and left flanks, where its harder for it to deliver killing blows. Aim for the main turret for maximum damage.

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