Keplerium is an alien metal that originated within Government space, and was first found in Kepler-186, which is where it got its name from, although it is actually quite common on many planets. Keplerium is a light grey metal in its normal state. It is among the most durable metals in the Milky Way, although it was weaker than Imperialite. But for this reason, Keplerium was the primary metal used by the Military during the Trans-Galactic War. Like the Intergalactic Empire, the Military would use electricity repellent, non magnetic alloys of Keplerium for their tech. Even after the Military adopted the use of Imperialite, Keplerium was still commonly used throughout the Government. Some cyberformed plains and worlds are still made of Keplerium, and even some civilian vehicles are Keplerium, and even companies like Megacorp still use it. Keplerium can be bought from large corporations of acquired from mines. It has extreme resistances to physical attacks. Keplerium can be used by players to rebuild A.D.U. tech, upgrade armor, build spacecraft, build laser weaponry, and create exosuits. Keplerium is more vulnerable to laser and plasma based weaponry.

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