LF-17s are the current standard weapon of A.D.U. Marines. They can be sold by certain Military merchants, bought from the Black Market, or taken off of dead A.D.U. Marines. They are futuristic, grey laser rifles, with a rather short body. They have double holographic sights, and have self recharging power cells inserted in their sides. They have long range, great accuracy, and a fast rate of fire. They can also be modified with other items, such as grenade launchers and bayonets, and deal extra damage against alien, robot, and organic enemies.

Background Edit

LF-17s were created as a new generation of weaponry for the Military. Although they were designed by Military engineers, the SpaceForce Corporation was contracted to manufacture them. Sometime after the Trans Galactic War, the Government bought the Corporation and all of their product lines, including the LF-17. They became the standard weapon for A.D.U. Marines, and can thus be seen in action across Military space. They can be sold by Military merchants, but a few were seen on the Black Market.

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