Lesser Celestial Entities are a mostly non-playable race that are the least powerful of the Celestial Entities, ranking below the "standard" Celestial Entity. Like the other two ranks of Celestial Entities, Lesser Celestial Entity is more of a classification, applying to many different species.


Based on their species, Lesser Celestial Entities can vary greatly in appearance. One example is the S'awface race, who all resemble some kind of circular sawblade with a face. Said entities are usually hostile, and actually quite dangerous. However, it is relatively easy to kill them. Another more prominent race is are the Novamen. Novamen are an example of one of the unique features of the Lesser and standard Celestial Entities: they can be artificially created. Novamen were created by Fabricators, who themselves have been registered as Celestial Entities. Lesser Celestial Entities have a range of supernatural abilities, and are usually immortal and resistant to mortal attacks and magic. Their bodies could be physical, partly physical, incorporeal, or made up of pure celestial energy.


Lesser Celestial Entities arose sometime after the other forms of Celestial Entities, and are the most populous form of Celestial Entities. Most have their own societies and colonies, although many are part of interuniversal empires controlled by Greater Celestial Entities.


Lesser Celestial Entities have varying societies. Some serve under other Celestial Entities, while others have their own societies. The S'awface race, for example, function more like nomads. Most Lesser Celestial Entities who are subjects to the Greater Celestial Entities serve as servants or soldiers.


  • Resistance to magic and physical attacks
  • Advanced magical abilities
  • Other stats variable

Known Lesser Celestial EntitiesEdit

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