The Light mech is a [UNCOMMON TO EPIC] rarity mech type that is focused on movement speed, dodging and an aggressise playstyle.

MAIN FEATURES[edit | edit source]

While the light chassis lacks in health (especially when the core is exposed), it balances by having the fastest movement speed of all three mech types, and doesn't go lower than 14 meters per seconds with any chassis, allowing to quickly reach the zone objectives to complete quests while still being able to fight back. It's AI Module assists the user towards a more aggressive playstyle, but the user needs to be carefull as this type only allows two weapons slots (three for some variants or [EPIC] rarity) and one gadget. It's quick arrival and build times allows it to be easily ressuplyed in case the user destroys it.

STRATEGY[edit | edit source]

A common strategy using this mech type is to use it as a glass canon, using the most devastating weaponry while dodging incomming dammage, while keeping an eye on the mech health to abandon it when it's too low and ressuply another ten minutes after if there are still supplies, or 4 hours after for a factory new one.

BUILD TYPES[edit | edit source]

This mech type focuses on close range weaponry, so and automatic/semi-automatic, bullets/projectile, short range weapons are recommanded, advise from using laser or explosive weapons (or even both) as they deal splash damage and can quickly put down your mech if not carefull. Also advise from using any other range as, even if you can attack from a distance and dodge a bit better, you're easily exposed, making you and easy target from lock on weapons. As a gadget, you probably want one to prevent damage, so a front or back shield if your top priotiry

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