Listeners are a non-playable race of Extramultiversal Entity in the game's lore, and are non-hostile, like Intellectuals. They are very rarely found in-game, and often reside in secluded pocket dimensions, realms, and empty systems.

Description[edit | edit source]

Listeners resemble Humans in most physical aspects. However, their most defining aspect are their ears. When young, Listeners have ears the same size as human ears. However, as they grow older, their ears get larger and larger, which is a sign of age, as physically, Listeners do not age past adulthood. Listeners have an incredible hearing ability, beginning with being able to hear thoughts, dreams, and telepathy. As they grow, they are able to hear entire universes and dimensions at once. Despite their Extramultiversal physiology and incomprehensible minds, they apparently cannot handle the stress of listening to such vastness at once, prompting them to stay out of the Multiverse. They also appear to have the lowest durability among Extramultiversals, as any injury to their ears is similar to an injury done to a vital organ. However, they are one of the few beings that can read the mind of another Extramultiversal or Extradimensional, although the mind of The Knower would be hard to listen to, and the mind of The Void makes them go to sleep. It is known that Listeners are born and develop similarly to humans, although any method of reproduction is unknown.

History[edit | edit source]

Listeners are an Extramultiversal race that arose in the Unknown, after the likes of the Seers and Intellectuals. Most fell in line with The Viewer, although some fled to the 3rd Dimension. Those that left the Unknown later returned due to the noisiness of the Multiverse. Most Listeners went to the deepest parts of the Unknown or even to The Void itself. Some who remained in the 3rd Dimension utilized pocket dimensions and obscure realms to reside in.

Society[edit | edit source]

As with all Extramultiversals, not much is known about the society of the Listeners, although it does seem similar to that of most mortal species. However, they often seek refuge in The Void, who lets them into his vastness. Within The Void, all sounds across universal distances are silenced, thus making life easy for the Listeners and allowing them to raise their families. They are put in areas away from the prisoners.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Average Health 900,000
Average Fire Resistance 85%
Average Physical Resistance 45%
Average Magic Resistance 80%
Average Energy Resitance 90%
Intellect Unknown
Others Universal hearing
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