The Loggernaut is the first boss encountered in the Operation: Final Strike questline. It only appears at the end of the player's investigation of the Lumberbot activity on Fajon. The Loggernaut is armed with a large chainsaw and axe, and a shoulder-mounted plasma cannon. Its high health makes destroying it difficult, although players can outrun the Loggernaut for enough time to allow the Military Starwatch attack ships to destroy the Loggernaut.

Origins Edit

The Loggernaut was built by the Starsphere Corporation, a corporation previously based in the Interstellar Expanse. The Loggernaut was sold to the same group that built the Lumberbots, and was used among other large industrial robots to clear planetside surfaces of vegetation.

Operation: Final Strike Edit

The Loggernaut was stationed on the forest moon of Fajon, alongside standard Lumberbots and other assets. The Loggernaut was used to clear thick foliage, solid natural formations, and contain considerably resistant local fauna. When the player arrives on the moon, the Loggernaut is active on a different part of the moon's surface. When the player shuts down or self-destructs the main facility, the Loggernaut moves to attack the player. The player can either try to destroy the Loggernaut themselves, or avoid its attacks until the Military arrives and destroys the Loggernaut with orbital bombardments. Either way, the Loggernaut is destroyed.

Description Edit

The Loggernaut is a 4 story tall industrial humanoid robot, with large Imperialite armor plates all over its body. It has five red eyes, with one main central eye. One of its hands is replaced with an oversized plasma chainsaw, while the other is replaced with an oversized laser axe. On its back is a backpack-like canister for excess fuel cells and storage of harvested materials.

Stats Edit

Health 90,000
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 99%
Magic Resistance 75%
Energy Resistance 80%
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