Lumberbots are minor enemies found on the forest moon of Fajon, and are the first enemies found in the Operation: Final Strike questline. The Lumberbots are first found cutting down trees and working with heavy machinery all over the surface of the moon, and are initially passive. They chop down trees while responding to interactions in an indifferent manner, although they seem to be very poor at hiding that they are illegally destroying the moon's ecosystem and killing its native species. Calling them out on their actions will cause the Lumberbots to cease their work and attack the player with their axes, as well as calling for Riot Suppressor androids. The Lumberbots are not all that strong, but can overrun the player in groups.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The Lumberbots seem to have been built from independently-constructed and Megacorp-made parts. They were brought to the forest moon of Fajon at an unknown point in time aboard large automated Megacorp Mining Spheres, which drilled themselves into the moon's surface and reassembled themselves into power plants resembling oversized Cyberformers, presumably intending to "flash-cyberform" the entire moon at once, although it was later revealed that it was going to harvest all Celestial Energy on the planet. The Lumberbots were put to work collecting the resources that needed precision work to collect. Both the moon of Fajon and the planet it orbited, Nicronis, were unclaimed neutral worlds beyond Goverment space with no rulers, industry, population density, spaceports, technology, or even known uses of supernatural powers, but they were located close to a star lane used by transportation convoys and star-hopping astronauts, and thus, to avoid suspicion, the Lumberbots acted as if the moon was under the ownership of their employers. In reality, they had imprisoned and exterminated most of the native species, both the non-sentient fauna and intelligent race of felinoid aliens, who, while lacking most humanoid traits, seemed to have some connections to Magic.

Player's intervention[edit | edit source]

If the player decides to investigate Fajon, they will find the Lumberbots chopping down trees all over the moon. The Lumberbots will keep the player away from the large facilities, but are willing to talk with the player if asked what they are doing. However, when answering, they claim that they are not doing illegal activities. They continue to answer the player in suspicious ways until the player calls them out. When they are called out, the Lumberbots will immediately start attacking the player. After destroying any Lumberbots near them, Riot Suppressors will be deployed against the player. Once the player makes their way to a facility and finds out what's really going on, they can either call for help or make the facility self destruct. Either way, the Lumberbots will retreat to make way for the Loggernaut. Afterwards, they presumably escaped the planet with their remaining assets before the arrival of Military Starwatch ships.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Lumberbots resemble Human men with beards, red flannel shirts, grey pants, and a light tan glove. However, they have an exposed robotic leg and arm, and an exposed robotic eye.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Health 1000
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 50%
Energy Resistance 45%
Magic Resistance 25%

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The flora of Fajon has several ties to ambient Celestial Energy, which is what the Lumberbots were truly harvesting. Most of the flora would be destroyed if extracted with heavy machinery, and thus the Lumberbots were meant to do precision work that could safely remove said flora.
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