M'oonman is an NPC who spans in the lategame stages, and asks the player to help retrieve his brother Erosin from The Void. M'oonman will teleport away if attacked. He mostly leaves the player to complete the quest on their own, but helps when he can. He will reward the player with a large sum of Celestoids when the quest is completed.

Origins[edit | edit source]

M'oonman is from an unidentified species of Lesser Celestial Entities. He and his brother Erosin were traveling around the 3rd Dimension one day, when some evil entities grabbed Erosin, took him to the Corrupted Multiverse, and threw him into The Void. In distress, M'oonman went to several planets, such as Earth, asking adventurers to help get his brother back, as there were no Bulk Beings availible to help, and the other Celestial Entities did not want to help. Eventually, M'oonman meets the player, and asks them to help rescue his brother. If the player refuses, he searches for someone else to help. If the player accepts and saves Erosin, M'oonman will leave with him after giving the player a reward.

Description[edit | edit source]

M'oonman resembles a moon, and has 4 limbs, which in a way, resemble fingers, similar to Hans. He has no gripping appendages. He has a face, but it is barely visible within his body.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Sometimes, The Void accepts."

-Completing the quest.

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