Magic refers to an ability used by many Adventurers, mages, and other beings allowing for the casting of spells for various purposes. Magic is not to be confused with the abilities of other entities.

Workings Edit

Magic is derived from Celestial Energy on a plane called the Weave, managed by the Abstract Dracien. However, Holy and Unholy magic are not from the Weave, but rather, from another plane known as the Flow, which carries both Holy and Unholy energy. In order to use the Flow, mortals and non-Holy/non-Unholy beings must first access the Weave to tap into the Flow. From here, magic such as White Magic and Black Magic are derived from Holy and Unholy energy respectively. However, Black and White Magic are weaker than their purer counterparts. Many other forms of magic are derived from Black and White Magic, but others draw energy from other sources alongside the Weave, sometimes containing minuscule traces of Abstract Energy. Some species, such as Elementals and Golems, naturally carry a strong link to the Weave within them, and other species, such as Humans, simply have the potential to tap into the Weave. Due to magic being derived from Celestial Energy, Anti-Celestial technology can destroy magic, although other forms of energy coupled with magic, such as Holy and Unholy Energy, may survive the destruction, although they often disperse or violently discharge. Damage to the Weave will disable magic in certain areas. Anti-magic is watered down Anti-Celestial Energy, and is a direct counter to magic, and although it does not have a great effect on Celestial Entities, it can be manipulated and channeled like magic, and is far easier to tap into than Anti-Celestial Energy can, as Anti-Celestial Energy will tear apart almost any living being that tries to use it, and is thus usually projected through technological constructs such as laser guns.

Similar Abilities Edit

Abilities similar to magic are not to be confused with magic, as these abilities do not require the Weave to function and often cannot be tapped into by other species and entities. Examples of these sort of abilities are Space Stone Energy, which taps into the primordial energies of the 3rd Dimension, Abstract Energy, which is derived from the Realm of the Abstract and the concept spreading in the Multiverse, 5D Energy, which comes from the 5th Dimension and used by Bulk Beings in a similar manner as Abstract Concepts, 4D Energy, which comes from the 4th Dimension and is used by Inversions, Extramultiversal Energy, presumably from the Unknown and used by Extramultiversal Entities, pure Celestial Energy, similar to magic but on a more powerful scale, used by Celestials of all kinds, and finally, pure Holy and Unholy Energy, used by beings such as Angels, Demons, and Wardens. Extradimensional abilities are incompatible with magic.

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