Major Murica is a Greater Celestial Entity and superhero. He is encountered sometime before the Contingency Attack, and is involved in other events afterwards. He is most often found around Newer York, or in the Celestial Planes. Major Murica is not hostile to most players, as long as they can be perceived as "good" or "neutral." If it comes to a battle, Major Murica usually uses Celestial powers in a restrained way, such as energy-imbued punches, super strength, super speed, flight, and energy blasts of all sorts. In other situations, he can summon machine guns with Celestial Energy ammunition, and use a "Freedom Punch," which is imbued with several layers of pure Celestial Energy, and can obliterate most foes, although it is something of a signature move that is usually used in a clear area, as it has an AoE effect. He is rarely seen using his Celestial reality warping abilities.

Origins Edit

Major Murica originates from the Celestial Planes. His species of Greater Celestials greatly resembles humans, and he was sent to Earth as a baby, being raised as a human and later discovering his abilities. At some point during the Trans-Galactic War, he became involved with the Government, earning the honorary title of major, and was an essential part in the creation of the Supernatural Defense Corps and later the elite Advanced Supernatural Defense Corps. During this time, he also became a very patriotic citizen.

Later actions Edit

Major Murica would become a sort of superhero, mainly servicing the Newer York area, especially after criminals became more advanced and utilized greater amounts of Magic and technology. However, the Newer York police department managed to bring crime to an all-time low despite this, and so Major Murica spends most of his time tracking down roaming supernatural or supernatural-related threats and policing the Celestial Planes around Earth. It is known that he doesn't seem to get along well with a vigilante known as The Night, who is based in Gaslight City. Major Murica was also present during the Contingency Attack on The Link, where he helped to destroy the Mega Titan. Later, he helped stop a resurfaced Chronovore from eating timelines.

Description Edit

Major Murica appears as a tall, fair-skinned Human man with a muscular build, dressed in old US Marine gear, and wearing a cape made from camouflage coats. The only parts of his true Celestial form shown are his glowing eyes when he uses his signature move.

Stats Edit

Health 1,000,000
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 80%
Magic Resistance 85%
Energy Resistance 80%
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