The Medium mech is a [UNCOMMON TO EPIC] rarity mech type that is focused on relying on itself for pushing or defending zones, they are between the Light and Heavy mech types.


The medium chassis is the jack of all trades of mech, it got a medium movement speed, medium health pool and a core that is a bit stronger than the light mech one, but not as strong as the heavy one, but it can change quickly it's rôle between defense and offense. It's AI Module assists the user towards a more adaptive playstyle that required to adapt quickly to what's happening in the battle. This type of mech allows three weapons slots and two gadgets. It has a somewhat long build time comparaied to the light mechs.


A common strategy using this mech type is to never hold an objective type with it, you'll be constantly changing bewteen defense and offense with it. The user is required to have a veriety of strategies during the battles to be unpredicatble and to be harder to take down. You've got a nit of health and a bit of movement on your side, use them accordingly.


This mech type doesn't focus on any weapon types, are recommended, but the current meta is to use an explosive laser due to their really high damage that can damage a lot light mechs, an normal explosive to finish light off, and a explosive bullets to get that bit higher DPS on more tanky enemies. This build requires good aim, but when pulled of, it can destroy most builds quickly. It is risky in close ranges though, so be warned about that. As of gadgets, a front shield or a back shield and a anti lock on smoke are pretty much necessary since lock on weapons are dangerous to any mech and the shield can save you when used proprelly. At least with this mech type, you don't have to do compromises.


-Light mech:

Using the light mech you want to smoke the zone and attack while you are just under the mech, that will give you some time for dealling a lot of damage, the high speed shoots are recommended for this. After that another good way of killing it as a light mech is setting a landmine and make the enemy hit it for a stun were you can use the high level missiles. and the last strat is locking the objective as fast as possible and go melee the mech, that will make you harder to hit in the slower shoots and make the mech unable to use explosives, dealing the mech high damage for a good ammount of time. Its also recommended locking to the weapons as earliest in the battle and attacking with a high speed shoot them first

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