Megacorp is a megacorporation founded on Earth sometime after the Trans Galactic War, when most of the Government's larger enemies in the True Timeline had been put down. Megacorp, suitably named, quickly established monopolistic holds in the civilian markets, quickly dominating the markets of several megacities, and later planetside regions. Megacorp is set on rebuilding the old glory of the legendary SpaceForce Corporation, and was given authority by the Government to build Military-grade fortresses known as Citadels and Ultra-Citadels, which serve as hubs for their businesses in districts and large megacities respectively. Like SpaceForce, Megacorp has a large corporate security force, completely made up of Model 92 Androids, making the considerably formidable Megacorp Corporate Security. Megacorps' most famous lines include the Model 63 and Model 92 Android Bodyguards. Megacorp has a large presence throughout most of Government space, and began to own and supply a large number of items found in the later stages of the game, owning and supplying almost all tech-based non-Government-made items throughout all Government space and in most advanced Neutral Zone regions. At one point, a Megacorp Ultra-Citadel Vice Chairman by the name of David Andrew Davidson began working with a criminal known as the Engineer, but was found out and killed. Megacorp works with the Government in many aspects, such as helping with creating the infrastructure of new cities and stabilizing economies of megacity levels. In operations such as this, Megacorp has heavy influence from the Government, which sometimes even takes direct control of Megacorp actions in civilian areas. Megacorp created a monopoly on the civilian vehicle industry, megacity commercial infrastructure, civilian weaponry, civilian cybernetics, and robotics, both industrial and public. At some point, they practically took full control of the Cybercity. Megacorp businesses could be seen in shopping centers such as the Central Plaza Mall, which Megacorp later bought. For some reason, many of Megacorp's workers belong to a family that carries the surname "Baloneynipples." Merchants from Megacorp can be seen throughout the game, such as the Megacorp Car Salesman. Megacorp has unique Adventurer-based stores, such as the Megacorp Megaplanes. A later Megacorp line was known as Riot Suppressors, as seen on Fajon alongside Lumberbots, which were also made with Megacorp parts. Megacorp also produced the Mining Spheres, which were bought by members of the Interstellar Expanse and secretly given to Imperial Remnants.


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