The Megacorp Car Salesman is a Merchant who works for Megacorp, and is found in New Angeles. He is the only known merchant to sell the Megacorp Mega Storage Cars, which are very useful vehicles, and are at a rather good price when compared to other types of advanced cars. He also sells advanced hovercars, motorcycles, hoverbikes, and a few other vehicles, and offers cars to the player with a signature move of slapping the roof of the vehicle. Attacking the Salesman will cause security androids to attack the player while the Salesman escapes. He sells the cars for Space Credits, but he can also convert currency if needed.

Career Edit

Not much is known about the Megacorp Car Salesman's life before becoming a car salesman, but at some point, he began to work for Megacorp. He became a salesman, and sold their Mega Storage Cars. He based himself in the megacity of New Angeles, and set up his car dealership there. The Megacorp Car Salesman spends most of his days selling cars.

Description Edit

The Megacorp Car Salesman is an adult human male, and is always seen in a neat black suit with a white undershirt and a grey tie. The back of his suit has the Megacorp logo on it. He has blond hair that is combed in a business style.

Quotes Edit

"This bad boy can fit so much f*cking items in it."

-The Salesman's sale pitch, said after he slaps the roof of the car.

"Only the best from Megacorp."

-Discussing the quality of the cars.

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