Megacorp Corporate Security are androids that Megacorp uses to keep their facilities secure. They will keep the player out of restricted corporate areas and will attack intruders. They will attack the player if provoked. Being androids, they have good resistances to attacks. Megacorp Merchants, such as the Megacorp Car Salesman, have Corporate Security Androids with them in case of an attack.


Megacorp Corporate Security are modified model 91 androids who were built to be security guards for Megacorp. They are manufactured with minimal emotions and increased armor, and are programmed with weapons training and other forms of combat. Megacorp Security Androids are all male, which did lead to some gender equality controversies in Megacorp.


Megacorp Security Androids wear grey and dark blue exosuits over a dark blue uniform. Their helmets have reflective silvery visors, and they carry a pistol and baton on their belts. Their faces and bodies appear human enough, although they have a visible robotic component on the back of their heads, but unlike standard model 91 androids, they have no sunglasses.


Health 550
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 75%
Magic Resistance 10%
Energy Resistance 35%
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