Megacorp Megaplanes are located in the airspace above regions, and are named accordingly, such as Air Europe, Air America, Air Aisa, Air Australia, Air Africa, Air Oceans, and Air Polar.


Megacorp Megaplanes are massive aircraft that resemble airliners. They have a large circular section on their tails, 20 engines, several large landing wheels, a clear area with a pool, and other domes visible on their sides. The megaplanes also have the Megacorp logo on their left sides and their designations on their right sides. Within the megaplanes are Megacorp shops and recreational areas for Adventurers. Adventurers of all species are seen there. Players can dock on the side of the megaplane with their own aircraft, or can be beamed up by a beaming station when the megaplane passes by. The megaplanes are protected by force fields, and do not land, although there is a Megacorp Megaplane landing pad located in certain megacities in case of emergency, although they're never seen in use. If the player tries to attack someone within the megaplane, Megacorp Corporate Security androids will be deployed to take them down, and other adventurers will work with them.

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