Merchants are NPCs that buy and sell items. They can be from varying races and Factions, but they all function more or less the same. They will ask the player if they want to buy their items, and then list their items and their price. Some merchants will refuse to sell if the player belongs to a certain faction or have progressed in a certain way, and some merchants will fight back if attacked. They accept different types of currency, from Space Credits to Spook Coins, Celestoids, and the common Gold. Very rarely do they ever accept a currency as valuable as the extradimensional Money Orbs.

Basic types Edit

  • Weapons Merchant: Weapons Merchants, which are often Military units or soldiers of other factions, sell weapons and ammunition, and sometimes upgrades for said weapons. Their stocks can range from conventional weaponry such as blades and firearms to wands and spells.
  • Armor Merchant: Armor Merchants, as the name suggests, sell armor and sometimes upgrades for said armor. The armor they sell could be for the player and custom made for any companions or familiars they may have.
  • Vehicle/Mount Merchant: Vehicle/Mount Merchants, such as the notable Megacorp Car Salesman, sell vehicles and other mounts to the player. Given this, they often charge the most currency among merchants, as vehicles and mounts often cost the most out of in-game items. They could sell live animals as mounts, mechanical vehicles, or both.
  • Upgrade Merchant: These merchants are rather common and cheap, as all they do is upgrade items and skills for a price.

Special Merchants Edit

  • Spooky Boi Merchants: Merchants who are Spooky Bois, and exclusively sell skeleton-based items, and mainly accept Spook Coins.
  • Bulk Being Merchants: Bulk Beings that sell 5th Dimensional type products, and accept mainly Money Orbs.
  • Celestial Merchants: Celestial Entities who sell Celestial products, and mainly accept Celestoids. They are mostly Lesser Celestial Entities.
  • Theme/Faction-based Merchants: There are many themed-based/faction-based merchants throughout the game that will sometimes sell exclusively to members of their faction, and always sell their faction-based products.
  • Race-based Merchants: Some merchants can also be race-based, and only sell items that would benefit members of their race, and usually only sell to members of their race.


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