Metamites are small insects that are capable of consuming metals, but cannot consume metals stronger than Imperialite. Their main food source is iron, but they can eat metals all the way up to Imperialite, although it takes them long amounts of time to eat through tough alien metals such as Keplerium.

Biology Edit

Metamites are small insects that have a grey exoskeleton and body color. Metamite metabolism is normal like humans but they starve faster than humans. when biting a human they secrete a potent Venom that can be treated by regular anti-venom. they usually are found in deserts and deep underground.

History Edit

Metamites originated as a breed of termites in early evolution but then they branched off into their own species.

Trivia Edit

  • Metamites do attack but simply walking on them kills them its best not to waste ammo on such a weak enemy
  • if you have metal armor on they will crawl up you but walking gets them off and if you are idle your armor will lose durability
  • Their metabolism is almost like humans
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