What are Mimics Edit

Mimics are a group of enemies that resemble or are possessing a regular object (E.g. Chests, swords, props). Mimics were originally known to be quite late-game enemies and in certain cases are more powerful than some bosses, although current mimics can be quite common enemies throughout all stages of the game. All mimics possess the Foolery trait, which means that you cannot engage them in battle unless you’ve maxed out Eyesight (Now known as Perception). Otherwise, the Mimic will always engage you. In the original build, Mimics do not despawn, and will chase the player to the end of the game if they have to. Entering safe areas just means the mimic will disguise and wait outside. In the current version, the player can lose a mimic the way they would any other mimics. Mimics are classified as animals, and act like animals. Although smart enough to hide in plain sight, most of them show Zombie-like intelligence when met with an opponent. They are also known to cannibalize injured or dead Mimics, and leave young Mimics or their own mates to fend for themselves the first chance they get. Mimics are common in older and undeveloped areas, and are extremely rare in advanced and modern areas, such as Government megacities. None are found outside of Earth, for reasons unknown.

Types of Mimics Edit

These types of Mimics are uncommon and specific types, and are the original Mimics added to the game. Common Mimics resemble various random objects, sometimes location-specific. Uncommon Mimics include:

  • Mimic Chests
  • Ghastly Shooters
  • Violent Veggies
  • Store Mimics
  • Ghostly Weapons
  • Vehicle Mimics
  • Living Armor

Locations related to Mimics Edit

These are the original locations related to Mimics. Mimics in the game's current version can be found in virtually any Dungeon or old area.

  • Abandoned MegaStore
  • Foolsgold Meadow
  • CopyCat Zone
  • Just Crates - Crate Rental factory

Trivia Edit

  • Dataminers found that there was going to be a Mimic companion. This companion would help fight and also acted as storage. In addition, it would increase rare drop rate.

    death animation

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