Money Orbs are made up of 5th Dimensional energy, and are the basic currency of the 5th Dimension. They are very difficult to be obtained by players. Usually, Money Orbs would be given as a reward for completing a quest or other encounter given by a Bulk Being, and could be dropped if the player manages to kill a Bulk Being. Money Orbs are accepted by certain Merchants, due to the fact that a single Money Orb is worth several billion of practically every currency, even Celestoids, Spook Coins, and Space Credits. They are most commonly used to buy 5th Dimensional items. Money Orbs appear to be golden spheres with glowing energy sparks within them, and are about the size of a baseball, and yet shrink down to the size of a marble when put into a pocket or other storage device. However, this is only how they appear in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to see their true 5th Dimensional form.
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