History Edit

This mountain was found by the creator of Bluestar in Canada. Mountain Dew used to be an absolute uranium mine but, the uranium was not actually uranium, it was rather Mountain veins, a mildly rare ore. Mountain Fog was soon to be known to be Mountain Dew, a slightly rare drink, which can only been found by rare chance in the Daily Shop, the creator of Bluestar had left the area of Mountain Dew, just disappearing, out of sight, and right under everyone's noses. This left the remaining citizens of Mountain Dew to fight for themselves, they were never found in Mountain Dew, but the Protagonist will eventually find the mountain by a quest. The Mtn Dewsaders was eventually created by the citizens.

Notable Locations Edit

The Lava Excavation- Home to the only quest in Mountain Dew, but more quests may be added.

Coha Rehd- The most populated town in Mountain Dew.

MT Dew- The original town in Mountain dew, and the first that the player sees.

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