Usage[edit | edit source]

Mountain Dew is a basic soda drink. It only heals 25 more health than Coca-cola. It can also be gained by processing Mountain-Fog

Both in canned and bottled variants.

Variants[edit | edit source]

All variants all have Canned and Bottled Variants (Except for Kickstart.), and all have diet versions, but all special effects are removed and it removes 50 HP from the original bonus.

Code Red- +100 HP, Panic 3 to enemies. (20$)

Voltage, Live Wire, and Blue Shock- +100 HP, Refills AP to max, gives Lightning Hands Spell for 1 minute. (30$)

Baha Blast and Super Nova- +150 HP, Tactical Nuke spell instantly gets casted. (40$)

Dew SA, Liberty Brew, and Revolution- +100 HP, Patriotism 4 (35$)

Game Fuel and Kickstart- +100 HP, Sugar High 5 (25$)

Pitch Black and White Out- +100 HP, Blindness 3 to enemies (25$)

Holiday Brew- +100 HP, Jolly 4

Black Label and Dark Berry- +75 HP

Typhoon- +100 HP, Tsunami spell instantly casted.

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