Nature, otherwise known as Mother Nature, is the embodiment of nature, and an NPC that appears in the lategame stages of the game if the player had completed the Galactic Salvation storyline. She appears on the border of natural land and cyberformed land. She states that she wants to see the cyberforming process, saying that she is actually proud of how far the inhabitants of Earth had come. She will ask the player to watch the process with her, and will then be met with Industry. After briefly speaking with Industry and watching the cyberforming, she will stay in her place. If the player stays with her, she will ask them to bring some seeds of near extinct plants to a Government Nature Reservation. Attacking Nature will not do much, and she will run away and disappear.

Origins Edit

Nature came into existence during the creation of the 3rd Dimension, shortly after King of Dark and Light, which would make her the 3rd oldest being in the Multiverse. She has existed in physical form for almost as long as she's been in existence for. Her task was to create and manage nature across the cosmos, which not only applied to plants and animals, but to matter, the laws of nature, physics, to some extent, natural cycles, and the likes. She enlisted the help of beings such as The Skybuilder for some of these tasks. She was always on Earth, as it was the first planet she went to reside on, moving the entrance for her private realm, Nature's Garden, to Earth. She had major differences with Industry, but came to love him almost like a brother, and realized that eventually, the races of the 3rd Dimension would need Industry more. Her favorite place was Earth, which is where she would spend more of her time.

Description Edit

Nature resembles a deer, although her head better resembles a fox. Her fur is an off white color, and she appears to have plants growing on her. Her antlers are large, and some say they resemble tree branches. Her eyes are black in color.

Quotes Edit

"I'm actually proud of the humans...they're advancing to the point where they don't need me anymore."

-Saying her feelings to the player.

Trivia Edit

  • She steps over the metal streaks on the border during the beginning of the encounter, although she is perfectly able to step on the metal without it harming her.
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