Attacks and infoEdit

The Ice-Water Dragon or Naydra is a enemy that spawn in Calm Water, it is a hard boss, counting with attacks that involve:

The boss goes flying and the evasion is upgraded a 40%, it can still attack:


Spawn area

Uses water bomb to deal amazing damage, it will be affected by the water status


Creates a swirl that sucks any player that is close to it, also deals damage to the naydra


Creates multiple waves that follow players

-Steam water:

Buff that makes water that it touches steamy, makes damage on contact

These are the original attacks, it also uses the basic dragons attack, a raid group is required to beat this boss.


There are two methods of spaning Naydra, a rare spawn from raining, and using water scrools to manipulate the water so the dragon can sense it, if any other effect like Thunderstorm or Volcanic, the Naydra will spawn with the thunder and fire variants respectively.

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