New Angeles

Location Edit

New Angeles is a Government controlled Earth based megacity located on the Western United States.

Description Edit

New Angeles is a large, futuristic, multilevel Government megacity. The height of its tallest buildings reach 200 levels into the sky, and its Lower Levels span down 300 levels. It is policed by Terran Security and City Guards. New Angeles is home to many large corporations and spaceports, giving an easy place to buy items and ways to travel off-world. New Angeles used to be a normal city until Earth was cyberformed, which led to it being rebuilt into a multilevel city. Civilians range from humans to aliens. Space Credits are the main form of currency, but other currency units are accepted.

Notable Locations Edit

  • City Hall: A large, multilevel building that spans from the base of the Lower Levels to the sky.
  • Upper Levels: New Angeles' Upper Levels consist of the tall skyscrapers in the city. They are filled with high class civilians and provide a great way for the player to acquire good quality items.
  • Ground Levels: The New Angeles Ground Levels are bustling with civilian life, and contain many large corporations that sell high quality items to the player.
  • Lower Levels: The New Angeles Lower Levels are infested with criminals, space pirates, rabid animals, rampaging robots, and more. However, it is a great place to start building up reputation with the City Guards and Terran Security by turning in criminals and taking down crime lords.
  • Suburbs: The New Angeles Suburbs are small, ground based areas outside the main city. It is the easiest place in the zone to get a home base.

Enemies Edit

  • Muggers: Common enemies in the lower and ground levels. Muggers are criminals of varying species and strength, and can be armed with anything from a knife to a gun. They attack the player alone or in groups, and demand money from the player. If refused, they will attack. If a City Guard or Terran Security Unit sees them, they will attack the Mugger, either arresting or killing them.
  • Rampaging Robot: High level enemies in the bottom of the Lower Levels. They are made up of varying robots which have incalculable amounts of logic errors in their systems, causing them to attack organics. They usually fight with raw strength or laser weaponry.
  • Space Pirates: Space Pirates are rather common in the Lower Levels. They are mostly found in bars, drinking and laughing. They usually ignore the player unless provoked.
  • Rabid Animals: In the Lower Levels, many animals run unchecked. Most become rabid, and hostile to anyone they meet. They are rather weak, and can be easily killed. It is unconfirmed if they can be tamed.
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