Novamen are a non-playable race of constructs made of pure celestial energy. Rogue Novamen are encountered as lategame bosses. Novamen are emotionless, unable to be affected in any way by emotional or mental attacks, or by illusions. Novamen are unable to be harmed by most physical attacks (unless the player has the Ring of Fractured Skies), with the only attacks that are able to harm it being Space Stone armament attacks, anti energy attacks (although this attack doesn't do much, as Novamen are made from celestial energy), and most supernatural attacks. They attack using energy blasts, and can turn themselves back into energy streams, which can then jump around attacks and deal more damage.

Origins Edit

They were created by the Tier 17 Fabricators of the Old Order before the official founding of the multiversal Titanian Empire. They were made to function similarly to soldiers, and the Fabricators functioned as commanders. Many went rogue along with their Fabricators. Because of this, Novamen were partly responsible for the massacres of many galaxies. Novamen were also decommissioned alongside the remaining Fabricators, until the Titanian Empire was formed. Many Novamen served with the Wise Titanians, proving to be an important asset against the Traitors.

Description Edit

Al Novamen bear the form of an adult human male. They appear to be wearing clothing, sometimes casual, sometimes formal suits, and other times, they appear to be wearing exosuits or other types of armor. When in their humanoid form, their energy could condense to the point that they appear to be human. But they always have light shining off of them. Their faces, or at least just their eyes, are usually just white or yellow light. Generic Novamen often have visible belts, gloves, and boots.

Quotes Edit

"You are not him."

-Novaman looking for a target.

"Halt in the name of the New Titanian Empire."

-Apprehending an interuniversal criminal.

"Have you seen the suspect around here?"

-Looking for a target.

Trivia Edit

  • Sparks or other electricity streams often come off Novamen's bodies and shoot into the ground.
  • Novamen are technically not alive, and cannot be affected by any life based spells.
  • Novamen have no mass, and therefore cannot be affected by Matter Stones, at least not able to be changed completely, but they will still take damage.

Gallery Edit

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