The Nutcracker is the boss of the Nut Cracking event. Thus, he only appears during the event. He arrives in the form of a giant image. However, this seems to be just an illusion. When he sees the player, he goes back down to normal size, and attacks the player. He attacks by kneeing the player in the crotch, which is a one hit kill. If the player is female or immune to crotch shots, he attacks them with his sword. He has heavy resistance to physical attacks. Killing the Nutcracker gives unique achievements and items.

Nut Cracking Edit

The Nutcracker presumably came from the Northern Polar Region. He has an unhealthy obsession with cracking the nuts of any male he finds. Despite first being seen in the Northern Polar Region, it is presumed that he came from another plane of existence or universe, as he was also being hunted by a number of supernatural beings and monster hunters. However, he cracked all of their nuts, leaving them curled up in extreme pain. One of his victims was Charlie, who is one of The Mode's pets, which makes it clear that the Nutcracker is some kind of powerful being, as he was able to crack the nuts of a Bulk Monster in a single hit. He did not discriminate, leaving aliens, monsters, and even a few robots curled up in pain, holding their cracked nuts. However, one of his pursuers, Stentron, escaped the fate of the others, and can be seen while fighting the Nutcracker. Sometime before leaving the Northern Polar Region, the Nutcracker defeated the Mouse King by cracking his nuts, and kept his crown as a trophy. During the Nut Cracking event, the Nutcracker wanders around the world, searching for more nuts to crack. He appears as a large, monstrous image, accompanied by explosions and a dark sky. He also makes multiple images to spread faster. After being destroyed by the player, a few Polar Security Units that were following the Nutcracker from the Northern Polar Region show up to haul the remains away. If he is not destroyed, the Nutcracker will disappear from the face of the Earth.

Description Edit

The Nutcracker is a large, human sized nutcracker doll. He has a brown mustache, white hair, peach skin, a red uniform, and a gold sword on his belt.

Trivia Edit

  • The Nutcracker drops $60k in gold, his sword, and the Mouse King's crown.
  • Killing the Nutcracker gains the achievement: "Nutcracker Cracked."
  • Despite wanting to crack the nuts of every guy he comes along, he focuses on the player and their party, mostly ignoring other enemies and NPCs unless provoked.
  • It appears that only the player can see the giant images, as no NPCs even seem to notice him.
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