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Observer 1 is a Bulk Being that appears in the 3rd Dimension during the Observation. However, Observer 2 and Observer 2 have a very unique job, which involves them asking the player about the society that they live in. If the player answers all their questions, they will be given a few Money Orbs, and the two Observers will disappear. If the player attacks them or does not give them the right answers, they will also disappear.


Observer 1 formed in the 5th Dimension at an unknown time. He became the first of 27 Observers in the Observation Corp. Alongside Observer 2, he would perform a specific task in the Observation, which involves asking questions and getting answers from the inhabitants of the Multiverse.


Observer 1 appears to be a human man in a white semi-formal shirt with a black tie, but instead of a head, he has a large eyeball. This is only how he appears in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to see Observer 1's true 5th Dimensional form.


"What s society?"

-Observer 1's first question.