Observer 13 is encountered twice. He can be encountered during the Observation, but also in a desert. He asks the player to hep him find a grain of sand, which was in his head the whole time. After the player finds it, he will give them 25 Money Orbs.

Observations Edit

Observer 13 came into existence at an unknown time in the 5th Dimension, and was one of 27 Observers. Thus, he was tasked with documenting what changed in the Multiverse as time went on. At some point in time, he acquired a grain of sand which contained indecipherable. At the point when he meets the player, he lost his grain of sand in the desert, and asks for their help in finding it, as the indecipherable within the grain of sand hid the grain from his sight.

Description Edit

Observer 13 appears to be a humanoid wearing formal attire and holding a briefcase. He wears a white undershirt and a red tie and a black dress suit, pants and shoes. His head is appears to be a pepper shaker with a regular amount in it. This is only how he appears in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to see Observer 13's true 5th Dimensional form.

Quotes Edit

"Excuse me, I have dropped my grain of sand out here. Can you help me find it?"

-Observer 13's quest.

"How'd it get in there?"

-Being told that his grain was in his head.

Trivia Edit

  • Observer 13 cannot be harmed by any attacks.
  • He has no eyes but can see.
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