Observer 26 is a Bulk Being Observer that can be randomly encountered by the player in the late-game stages. He is found searching for a Mind Parasite that escaped the 5th Dimension. The player can answer his questions about the Mind Parasite, or help him find it. If they attack him, their attacks will dissolve on him, like Observer 27, and Observer 26 will disappear. Helping him find the Mind Parasite or other anomalies will end with him rewarding the player with 15 Money Orbs.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Observer 26 is a Bulk Being who formed within the 5th Dimension. He joined the Observation Corp, and is one of its more prominent members. He is also known to have worked with Lum in researching Mind Parasites, Dimension Peepers, Extramultiversal Entity, Inversions, and Bulk Monsters. When he meets the player, he had been searching for a Mind Parasite that had escaped confinement.

Description[edit | edit source]

Observer 26 has a humanoid form, similar to a Human male, and does not appear to be wearing visible attire, athough his form is rather geometric and simple. He bears a striking resemblace to The Mode, although instead of being filled with space, his skin is more transparent, and he has a glowing purple aura outlining him. He has no visible facial features, although his body does have some outlines of muscles.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I have arrived."


"He comes..."

-Rare chance of appearing when the portal opens.

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